Driving Lessons in Carshalton

Here at Apex Driving School we have a number of driving instructors in the area allowing us to offer driving lessons by local instructors that know the Carshalton area and the test routes an examiner will use when on your practical driving test.

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Areas of Importance when taking lessons in Carshalton

On your lessons in the area, your instructor will know which areas to take you depending on your ability and plan for that day. A Suitable area for the school is required for each lesson plan to go to plan. For instants its no good doing your reversing on a busy road, thus be unable to perform the exercise enough times to master it independently. Below are a small example of lesson plans and areas suitable in Carshalton

Lesson Plan: Moving Off and Stopping 

Your schools instructor will drive you to a suitable quite area. On the drive, your instructor will reassure you and explain the lesson plan. When arriving at a suitable site you will be briefed on the exercise. A perfect site would be Boundary road or Grennell road.

Lesson Plan: Pedestrian Crossings

You will be asked to drive on the main roads leading in and out of the Village. Pedestrian crossings should be a safe place to cross at all times. Pedestrians have priority, even the dangerous ones. You will learn how to recognise them and approach them safely with due regard to all road users. Mirrors and Speed are important here.

Lesson Plan: Junctions – Emerging and Entering

Mirror, Signal, Position, Speed and Look. Known as MSPSL (M.S.M).
You will need to do major to minor roads , minor to major roads and Crossroads safely using the above routine. So its no point driving for miles in a straight line waiting to turn. Therefore the grid of roads off Stanley Park road and Green Wrthye Lane are perfect for a taster of this topic.

Lesson Plan: Dual Carriageways and Lane Discipline

Your Instructor will take between Carshalton and Morden. Nearby A217 is perfect too. These roads will make sure you stick in the correct lane for your destination.

Lesson Plan: Meeting Traffic

This subject is one of the most hardest to grasp. In fact many pupils have failed the test on this. But not so with Apex. You will be taken to many areas known to your instructor that have the perfect conditions. You will need lots and lots of parked cars.
The best area for meeting traffic would be places like the poets estate and St helier estate.

Lesson Plan: Junctions – Emerging and Entering

Mirror, Signal, Position, Speed and Look. Known as MSPSL (M.S.M). You will need to do major to minor roads, minor to major roads & Crossroads safely using the above routine. So its no point driving for miles in a straight line waiting to turn. Grid of roads off Stanley Park road & Green Wrthye Lane are perfect
There are many more places known to us for various exercises. There may well be occasions you need to be taken to another area for your test, for example Croydon. All our Instructors are just as familiar in any areas to give you the best places to go to
improve your chances of a first time pass

Customer Testimonials



My experience of Apex will always be remembered as a great one. My instructor was very informative and helpful. Especially helpful with great techniques on reversing.


The office staff convinced me to stick with manual and gave me an instructor that was very good. I passed my test in January and have not looked back. Thank you Apex !!

Dina from Carshalton

Apex came very highly recommended by all my friends at school. And I can see why. I failed with another school, but got it right second time around with Apex. Got a car now! The lessons didn’t stop there Apex help me be confident on Motorways too, after I passed.

All the surrounding areas our Carshalton instructors cover are below:

We offer driving lessons in many areas in and around South London. The areas our Carshalton based driving instructors cover include:

Banstead, Beddington, Belmont, Carshalton, Carshalton Beeches, Cheam, Schools, North Cheam, Hackbridge, Merton, Mitcham, Morden, Rose Hill, Roundshaw, Sutton, South Sutton, St Helier, Stoneleigh, West Sutton, Wallington, Woodmansterne, Worcester Park.
Schools are available in the Post Codes below plus many more:

SM1 , SM2 , SM3 , SM4 , SM5 , SM6 , SM7
CR0 , CR1 , CR2 , CR3 , CR4 , CR5 , CR6 , CR7 , CR8 , CR9 , BR4
KT3 , KT4 , KT17 , KT18 , KT19 , KT20
SW2 , SW4 , SW8 , SW9 , SW12 , SW16 , SW17 , SW18 , SW19 , SW20
SE5 , SE11 , SE19 , SE20 , SE21 , SE22 , SE23 , SE24 , SE25 , SE27

Test Centres in and around the area of Carshalton

Please CLICK on any of the Test centres below to find out more about the test routes and view an ACTUAL test route taken straight from the D.S.A. website.

Mitcham Driving Test Centre
                Reigate Driving Test Centre

Sutton Driving Test Centre                     Tolworth Driving Test Centre

West Wickham Driving Test Centre

There are many routes taken by the examiner. But We at Apex have access to ALL the routes: