Driving Conditions: Town vs Country

Driving in the countryside is a very different experience to driving in a built-up environment, and while many of the hazards remain the same, they each present their own set of challenges. Here are just a few of the things you need to take into consideration when it comes to town and country driving.

Driving in Towns and Cities

One advantage to driving in town is that help is never very far away. If you’re involved in an accident you know that the emergency services or the man with the tow-truck are close at hand, which is particularly comforting in the winter months when being trapped in your car or stranded after a breakdown can make a significant difference.

When it comes to winter driving, urban streets are also more likely to be cleared of snow and gritted, which means that driving conditions are safer than on untreated rural roads.

While it may feel that you need to concentrate particularly hard when driving in the city, this can in fact be an advantage. Keeping an eye on pedestrians and traffic, and the visual stimuli provided by rapidly changing scenery can help keep you more alert than if you’re driving on repetitive, open roads.


Country Driving

While there’s less traffic and fewer passersby to watch out for, there are other things you need to keep watch for when driving on rural roads. Livestock can occasionally stray from their fields and into your path, and wild animals also have a nasty habit of playing chicken when you least expect them. While you don’t want to hit anything, making sudden manoeuvres to avoid a pheasant could be extremely dangerous, so you need to be constantly aware of other vehicles around you.

There’s also the danger of other vehicles making overtaking unsafely in the effort to get past slow-moving agricultural machinery. Never take risks – country roads can be full of blind bends, so never attempt to overtake if you aren’t entirely sure you can make the manoeuvre.

You should also keep in mind that you may be driving at faster speeds, which means braking times and distances are longer. You should always be aware of what’s coming up on the road ahead, and stick to a safe speed at all times.

In order to be a safe driver in both town and country, being trained by an expert instructor like those from Apex Driving School is crucial. To book your next lesson with us, get in touch today on 020 8647 0486 and you’ll soon get to grips with both city and country driving.

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